19 March 2023

Japanese New Year’s Eve 2023

On January 22, 2023, the Japanese New Year was celebrated: first with the Headmaster’s Yawatashi, followed by the sword kata and finally with the traditional kin-mato […]
19 March 2023

5° Seminar with Shigeyasu Kameo

On October 15-16 the 5th Seminar with Japanese Sensei Shige Kameo was held at the Taikenkan Dojo in Bassano Romano; as usual the topics were of […]
25 February 2023

Seminar with Vladimir Hyndrak

The KOKKI dojo is located in the city of CESKE BUDEJOVICE in the Czech Republic.It was a very productive meeting both from a technical and human […]
18 February 2022

4° Seminar with Shigeyasu Kameo

Friendly visit by Sensei Shige Kameo, 6th dan kyoshi, to the ART-KI Academy at the Taikenkan dojo in Bassano Romano.